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Convatec Little Ones

ConvaTec Little Ones pediatric ostomy supplies are flexible, durable and easy to remove. They are smaller in size and cause less discomfort for chil ... [read more]

ConvaTec Little Ones - Flexible Skin Barrier with Flange (Cut to Fit)

  • Ultra thin tape collar for greater flexibility
  • Gentle on the skin, resistant to stoma output
  • Audible click confirms secure connection to pouch
From $26.34

ConvaTec Little Ones - Drainable 2-Piece Ostomy Bag

  • Audibly locks to skin barrier
  • Tail clip included for secure closure
  • Ostomy supplies that fit smaller body contours
From $21.77

ConvaTec Little Ones - Drainable 2-Piece Urostomy Bag

  • Anti-reflux valve
  • Ideal for smaller bodies
  • Audible locking click for secure closure
From $34.46

ConvaTec Little Ones - Closed 2-Piece Ostomy Bag

  • Works in water
  • Clicks securely into place
  • Disposable, single use ostomy pouch
  • Opaque with two-sided comfort panel
From $29.38

ConvaTec Little Ones - Drainable 1-Piece Pouch (Cut to Fit)

  • Cut to Fit (5/16" to 2")
  • Ideal for children and adults
  • Tail closures included for secure closure
  • One sided comfort panel for added quietness
From $52.73

ConvaTec Little Ones pediatric ostomy supplies are flexible, durable and easy to remove. They are smaller in size and cause less discomfort for children. Ideal for colostomy and urostomy patients. These ostomy pouches and flanges conform to the unique body contours of small children and allow freedom of movement so a kid can be a kid. We offer a variety of Little Ones pediatric style ostomy supplies including drainable pouches, two-piece closed pouches, flanges and urostomy pouches in our medical supply store.

The Little Ones flexible skin barrier with flange is a durable skin barrier that fits the contours of smaller bodies and provides flexibility for easy application. Little Ones is gentle on the skin and resistant to stoma output. The ostomy supplies securely lock to the pouch with an audible click. The drainable two-piece ostomy pouch from Little Ones has a transparent pouch with a one-sided comfort panel. The tail closures provide for a secure closure and the click makes sure you have a secure connection. The closed two-piece ostomy pouch is discreet and has an opaque two-sided comfort panel.

ConvaTec manufactures additional ostomy supplies including SenSura Mio, Stomahesive and Aloe Vesta. SenSura Mio provides a better fit to the body and allows for discretion. The SenSura Mio one-piece drainable pouch is made of a material that feels like cloth, but is more discreet. The SenSura Mio wafers and flanges offer a flexible skin barrier that shapes to your body's contours, skin folds and irregular stomas.

Stomahesive products include skin barrier pastes, protective powders and strips. Stomahesive skin barrier paste is a hydrocolloid-based protective skin barrier that fills uneven surfaces and increases the wear time of your ostomy system. Stomahesive helps prevent skin irritation around the stoma and provides a seal to stop leakage. Stomahesive protective powder forms a barrier for weeping skin and absorbs moisture while helping to prevent skin irritation. The powder helps extend the life of the skin barrier or wafer. Skin barrier seals protect the area around the stoma and provide a strong hold on both moist and dry skin while protecting against irritating output. Stomahesive is easy to fit, apply and remove and works well for those with mostly solid output.

Aloe vesta skin barrier ointment can be used to seal out moisture and protect your skin. Also check out Aloe Vesta cleansing foam, a body wash and shampoo ideal for total body cleansing.

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