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Hollister Adapt Barrier Ring, Now: CeraRing

Hollister Adapt CeraRing - Skin Barrier Rings

Adapt CeraRing: Ostomy Barrier Rings

Hollister Adapt Barrier Ring with CeraPlus Adapt CeraRing are a brand new version of Hollister barrier rings and they are now infused with ceramide.Hollister has gone all in with ceramide and for good reason, ceramide helps protect the skin around your stoma. When you are using your Hollister CeraPlus flange and wafer you will be able to fully benefit from the ceramide because your ostomy barrier ring will also be infused with the same skin saving CeraPlus. This is great news for anyone who uses Adapt barrier rings. You can still get that Adapt perfect seal while you protect your skin from moisture loss.

Ceramides help protect the skin's natural moisture barrier to help prevent water loss that may lead to damage and dryness. CeraRing is built from the inside out to help support healthy skin. Just like the regular Adapt barrier rings you have used before, these ceramide infused barrier rings provide a custom fit to help prevent leakage and peristomal skin complications.

How CeraPlus works:

Hollister CeraPlus Skin Barrier: Peristomal Skin Care

Hollister ostomy also has the Adapt barrier rings available without CeraPlus if you prefer. However, if you have never tried the CeraPlus and you are having problems with moisture loss, redness, or inflammation, I would recommend consulting with your medical care team and seeing if CeraPlus is a possible solution for you.

Hollister Adapt: Easy to Use for Travel

Hollister Adapt Barrier Ring New Resealable Package Hollister's Adapt is one of the best barrier rings and seals available. You can purchase it in a slim variety or in the standard thickness as well. One of the things that I love about the Adapt barrier ring is the packaging. Each ring is individually packaged in a resealable clear plastic container. The container is clear so you can easily see how much of the ring you have left and because it easily clicks closed your ring is stored properly.

You can use a small amount or an entire ring and you have an easy way to store whatever amount remains. The other benefit to each ring being individually packaged is travel. If all your barrier rings come in one jar, how do you take just one or two rings to work or on a trip? You have put it in a ziploc or some other container, it is just one more step to packing your ostomy travel bag. I think it is much easier to take Adapt barrier rings with you on the go because they are always ready. If you only need half of a ring to get the seal you need, all you have to do is open the package, take what you need, and close the package. Your Adapt barrier ring is always ready for the next time you need it.
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