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Hollister CeraPlus Skin Barrier: Peristomal Skin Care

Hollister Cera Plus Ostomy Barriers

There are a lot of ostomy barriers on the market.  There are many companies who say they make the best barriers.  I have never felt that there was a significant difference between a lot of the barriers until I started reading about Hollister's new CeraPlus Skin Barrier.  The secret to this new skin barrier is, ceramide.

Hollister Ostomy CeraPlus Ostomy Wafer Ceramide is a natural component of human skin.  Made of waxy lipid molecules, ceramide links cells of the outer skin together to form a waterproof barrier.  Ceramides work to prevent water loss.  Water loss can lead to skin dryness and damage also called transepidermal water loss (TEWL).  Adhesives complicate this problem because of shearing and the skin's reaction to adhesive.  Ceramide being a part of your skin barrier helps protect your skin from these issues.  When skin is healthy not only is it less painful, it also leads to longer wear times so you are spending less money on ostomy products.  When you look at the research based on case studies that Hollister has done; the most interesting part to me is that they increased barrier wear time while helping people have healthier skin with the ostomy pouch and ostomy barrier alone.  They are using just the barrier against the skin.  No pastes, powders, skin preps.  Skipping the accessories and still increasing wear time?  That is a lot of money saved!  Not to mention the benefit of healthier and happier skin.  Hollister has made great strides in ostomy wafer design with the addition of their CeraPlus line of ostomy barriers.  I am looking forward to seeing what they do next.

What are peristomal skin challenges?
  • Leakage - Can be caused by wafers that do not fit, flanges cut too tightly or too loosely can cause leaks.  Pancaking can also cause leaks.
  • Mechanical Trauma - Caused by the bottom of the wafer cutting into the skin of the stomach or the opening surrounding the stoma being the wrong size causing it to cut into the skin around the stoma or the stoma itself.
  • Skin Barrier Failure - Caused by the skin barrier failing to stay adhered to the body.  The wafer falls off and massive leaks occur.

How does Ceramide help peristomal skin challenges?

Ceramide works almost like the mortar between bricks to help keep your skin healthy.  Skin needs ceramide to link the cells of the outer skin together to form a waterproof protective barrier.  Cutting down on skin damage and water loss makes the peristomal skin healthier.  Healthier skin means better pouch adherence as well as longer wear times.  Leaks happen less often because healthy skin that does not have irritation, cuts, and inflammation tends to be smoother allowing for a better fit between your wafer and your abdomen.  The goal is for the skin around the stoma to be as healthy and intact as the skin on the other side of the patient’s abdomen.  Hollister has made CeraPlus to combat these skin challenges.

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