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How to Use Bathing Wipes

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If you are caring for someone who is bed-bound keeping them clean and comfortable can be a daunting task. I have talked about bedside bathing and using peri-wash and no rinse soaps before. There are a lot of benefits but it is important to remember that you can't use the no-rinse method of bedside bathing all the time. No matter how great they are, you or your patient will need to be cleaned fully with water on a regular basis. The best part about bathing wipes is how easy they are to use. The Medline bathing wipes will leave skin feeling clean and soft.

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Medline READYBATH LUXE - Disposable No-rinse Bathing Wipes

How to Use Medline Ready Bath Luxe System

  • Package can be microwaved and it is recommended that it is done in 15 second intervals until the desired temperature is reached.
  • Test the temperature of the cloth against your inner wrist to make sure no one is scalded
  • Each cloth is meant to be used on 1 "zone" or part of the body. This is so the cloth that is used on the face isn't used on the groin.
  • Gently wipe the cloth over the skin
  • Repeat until all of the zones of the body are cleaned
  • Discard each cloth after the zone is cleaned
8 Washcloths for 8 Zones of the Body:
  1. Face and neck
  2. Right arm
  3. Left arm
  4. Right Leg
  5. Left Leg
  6. Groin and genitals
  7. Buttocks
  8. Back

The Medline ready bath bathing system is a complete bath in one easy to use package. By warming up the package you can make the bathing experience more comfortable but they can be used room temperature as well. Each one of the disposable cloths is used on a different part of the body. By using a fresh clean cloth for each body zone you help cut down on cross contaminating different body areas. There are little things you can do to make the person you are bathing feel more comfortable. Warming the cloths is a great start but you can also make sure the room is warm so no one is chilled, play relaxing music, and remember to speak to the person and let them know what you are doing. It can also help to chat with them about their day or their favorite books. Remember to use any time with the person you are caring for as an opportunity to show them gentleness and kindness.READYBATH - No-rinse Shampoo Cap with Conditioner with Girl Using No Rinse Shampoo Cap

How to Wash Hair with a No Rinse Shampoo Cap

To wash a person's hair in bed Medline makes a READYBATH - No-rinse Shampoo Cap with Conditioner. This cap is placed on the head with the hair inside and by using a gentle massaging motion you can clean and condition hair without a tub or basin. The special formula doesn't require rinsing and is discarded after each use. The shampoo cap can be warmed just like the body wipes. By using both of these products you can help your loved one feel fresh and clean without having to use a transfer bench to help them into the tub or shower.

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