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New Medical Supplies @ Express Medical Supply!

Express Medical Supply New Products

Express Medical Supply New Products 6 Brand New Products from Express Medical Supply!

We are always adding new products that are designed to help make our customers and friends lives a little easier. From catheters to wound care, we have online medical supplies that can be used if you have mobility issues, respiratory needs, or just need to improve your day to day cleansing routine. Do you have a favorite medical supply that you don't see on our website? Contact us and request a product, because we would enjoy talking to you about the product you are using. We love hearing from our customers! Many of the products listed here were recommended to us by people who used them every day and loved them.

1. Kareco International Inc. Comfi-Grip Deluxe 26" Long Handle Sponge:

Long Handle Sponge for Bathing

The Comfi-Grip is a sponge for bathing with an integrated 26" long handle. The handle is durable plastic and by following the provided directions it can be molded or bent so you can angle the sponge however you prefer. This sponge allows for easier bathing by helping you reach all areas of your body even if you have mobility issues. The sponge is soft and forms lather easily. This is a great tool if you have mobility issues or just need some extra help reaching your back when you are in the shower. If you have a hard time maintaining your balance in the shower this long handled scrubbing brush combined with a shower chair can make independent bathing safer and easier.

2. Medline Aloetouch Personal Cleansing Cloth Wipes:

Medline Aloetouch - Personal Cleansing Cloth Wipes

Medline Aloetouch personal cleansing wipes are pH balanced and latex-free. These disposable bathing wipes are perfect for a quick clean. Aloetouch wipes are fragrance free and hypoallergenic. They can not be flushed but they can be used for incontinence cleansing, personal care, and as a bedside bath wipe when showering is difficult because of mobility or illness. The small touch of aloe in every wipe moisturizes and conditions fragile and delicate skin. Medline Aloetouch's soft pack with pop up lid makes it easy to learn how to use bathing wipes.

3. Therafin E-Z Slider 24" Long Handle Shoe Horn

Long Handled Shoe Horn Dressing Aid

The Therafin E-Z Slider is a 24" long steel long handled shoe horn. This is a great product for anyone who has had mobility issues or anyone who is recovering from an injury or surgery. If you have a hard time putting your shoes on because you can't bend at the waist, this is the shoe horn for you. The tip of the shoe horn is solid, it doesn't bend or curve so it holds firm so you can get your shoes on easily. The shoe horn includes a 6" slip-resistant and ergonomic handle that makes holding onto your shoe horn easy. Simply slide the shoe horn into the heel of your shoe and use the shoe horn to ease your foot into your shoe. This is just one example of a thoughtfully designed product, Therafin has many products to help with mobility and wheelchair accessibility.

4. Hy-Tape Zinc Oxide Waterproof Pink Tape Pre-Cut Strips:

Waterproof Ostomy Tape, Pink Tape

Hy-Tape Strips are a 1.25” x 6” pre-cut single use tape strips used to expedite medical taping applications. Hy-Tape strips can be used to secure ostomy systems, window frame a wound care dressing (window framing is when you surround a wound bandage on all sides creating a frame around the dressing), and securing Foley catheters in place. Hy-Tape strips are easy to use because they are already conveniently cut into strips and they have easy to peel packaging which makes them perfect for on-the-go ostomy pouch changes or wound care bandage applications. People live busy lives and not every medical tape need happens inside of doctor's office. These zinc oxide medical tape strips work just as well as a roll of Hy-Tape without having to carry a full roll of tape with you.

5. 3M ACE - Reusable Hot/Cold Compress with Sleeve

3M Ace Reusable Hot Cold Compress

3M ACE reusable hot/cold compress includes an ACE style bandage pouch cover for added comfort and insulation. The cover is soft and comfortable and allows you to put the pack directly on your skin, no more wrapping an ice pack in a paper towel. The pack can be stored in the freezer for cold therapy, such as sprains, strains, bumps, and bruises. The pack can also be microwaved for use with heat therapy, such as muscle aches, menstrual cramps, stiffness, and arthritis. 3M ACE reusable hot/cold compress is 4" x 10" and is latex-free. This pack is a must have for your home or work first aid kit.

6. Respironics DreamStation - CPAP with Humidifier

Respironics DreamStation - CPAP with Humidifier

Respironics DreamStation is a CPAP machine. It is an auto-adjusting device for treating sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder where you will have pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you are sleeping. The disruption caused by breathing pauses and shallow breathing can last seconds to minutes. Following the pauses and disruptions normal sleep resumes but can be interrupted again and can cause loud snoring. Respironics DreamStation comes with many features that increase ease of use and comfort, such as an optional heated humidifier in the form of top-mounted humidifier hose swivel. The DreamStation has a low-profile design and is designed for easy travel. The menus are clear and simple to read. The Respironics DreamStation comes with an EZ-Start so you can have personalized adjustments to CPAP pressure which can help you gently and gradually acclimate to your prescribed level of therapy. The sound level while the machine is being used is called "whisper quiet" because it won't disturb you or your bed partner. The DreamStation has advanced event detection, CPAP mask type resistance control, and mask fit check so you are getting the best CPAP/BiPAP care possible. DreamMapper, which comes with your DreamStation, is a free mobile/web application and patient self-management system which can help you take a more active role in your sleep apnea and respiratory care.

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