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Ostomy Blogs: My Favorites!

Vegan Ostomy Blog Banner Living with an ostomy is challenging.  There are real adjustments that have to be made mentally and physically when you have an ostomy, whether your surgery was planned or a result of an emergency health crisis.  Regardless of what led you to your ostomy, your body is different afterward and you have to adjust to those differences.  I have talked to people who have an ostomy because of Crohns, IBD, cancer, car accidents, and once because of an alligator attack while frog gigging.  All of them have a few important things in common: strength and resilience.  They have faced and continue to face adversity and they are victorious!  Today I am going to share some of my favorite ostomy blogs.  The authors who write them use a powerful pen to share their hearts and adventures with their readers as well as being inspirational and relatable.
Vegan Ostomy Blog Banner
1. Vegan Ostomy

Eric has a unique and fascinating take on living with an ostomy.  He has figured out how to live a vegan lifestyle and he keeps a sense of humor about his health.  He shares recipes, nutrition, product reviews, this blog is a wealth of information and still manages to be a highly entertaining read.  Eric casually and honestly talks about how his health has impacted his life as a husband and father.  His candor is thought provoking and moving.  Thanks Eric, I always learn something new from you!

 Uncover Ostomy Blog Banner

2. Uncover Ostomy

Jessica is an advocate for ostomy awareness who uses a powerhouse of a blog to run an awareness campaign to start positive dialogs about ostomies. Jessica is a brilliant and beautiful woman who uses traditionally sexy images that challenge the very traditions they mimic. Jessica uses these images to challenge what people consider beautiful, and she is showing everyone that an ostomy is not the end of your story, it is the beginning, and that new beginning is gorgeous. Jessica is a passionate spokesperson for ostomy and ostomy awareness. Thank you, Jessica for challenging how we view people who have an ostomy!

The Stolen Colon Blog
3. The Stolen Colon

Stephanie has been living with Crohn's Disease since 1999. The subtitle to her blog is, living beautifully with an ostomy, and that sums up her wonderful blog very well. Stephanie is no friend to stereotypes, she is vibrant and she challenges the idea that people with ostomies are frail or weak. She is a writer and a triathlete who has used her ostomy to develop a passion for swimming, biking, and running. Stephanie credits her ostomy for allowing her to live a full and active lifestyle that is grounded in her joy and love for herself and others. I enjoy reading her blog and I have learned a lot about what it is like to live with an ostomy from her. Stephanie has an Ostomy FAQ section on her blog that I have emailed to many people who are new to ostomy. I highly recommend giving it a read, you will learn something new!

I have a lot of other favorite blogs that talk about life with an ostomy and they also feature ostomy supply reviews which can be very helpful.  What are some of your favorite blogs?  There are also some amazing youtube channels such as, The Front Butt YouTuber, she has tons of awesome and educational videos.  When you have questions about ostomy supplies, which websites do you prefer?

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