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Respiratory Medical Supplies Respiratory therapy medical supplies include oxygen concentrators, nebulizers and nebulizer parts, tracheostom ... [read more]
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PARI - LC Sprint Reusable Nebulizer Kit

  • Clinically proven reusable nebulizer
  • Easy to clean, hand wash, boil, and dishwasher safe
  • Cost efficient, saves money with less medication loss
  • Quickest reusable nebulizer offered by PARI, completes treatment in 5-6 minutes
From $15.15

PARI LC Plus - Reusable Nebulizer Kit

  • Easy to clean, hand wash, boil, and dishwasher safe
  • Cost efficient, saves money with less medication loss
  • Breath enhancement for consistent particle size and targeted delivery to lungs
From $15.15

PARI - Filter Valve Set

  • Helps keep the most medication out of the environment when dispensing medications
  • Doctor recommended to help avoid exposing caregivers to medication
  • Replaces existing mouthpiece on PARI LC Reusabe bebulizer
From $33.19

PARI - Expiratory Filter Pads (Filter Valve Set replacement Part)

  • Replacement expiratory filter pads
  • Filter pads should be changed after each treatment
  • Replacement filter pads for Pari- Filter Valve Set (PAR041F05)
From $60.77

PARI TREK S - Portable Aerosol System (Compressor/Nebulizer)

  • Extremely lightweight and very portable, one of the smallest units available
  • Provides extremely fast treatments (5-6 minutes)
  • Delivers medication particles effectively in the pulmonary tract
  • Efficient nebulization deposits medication to the small airways of the lungs
From $114.48

Citrus II CPAP Mask Wipes

  • All natural ingredients including corn, coconut, and citrus
  • Alcohol and solvent free
  • Prevents build up of organic material
  • Made in the USA
From $9.06

PARI Vortex - Non Electrostatic Valved Holding Chamber

  • BPA and latex free
  • Minimizes treatment time
  • Metal design for more accurate delivery
  • Ideal for those with limited coordination
From $15.97

DeVilbiss Lexan - Manual Plastic Nebulizer/Atomizer

  • Manual plastic nebulizer/atomizer that is both lightweight and portable
  • Dispenses fine mist deep into lung capacity
  • Includes mouthpiece, bulb, extra jet, and instructions
  • Atomizes and nebulizes even without electric
From $42.95

Responsive Respiratory - Cylinder Backpack

  • Ideal for use with M6/M9 and D cylinders
  • Comfortable padding with adjustable straps and pockets
  • Interior velcro cylinder stabilization strap
From $27.85

Responsive Respiratory - Cylinder Wheelchair Case

  • Ideal for use with D and E cylinders
  • Lightweight cloth wheelchair case holder with stabilization straps
  • Oxygen carrying case for use with any standard wheelchair
From $24.42

Responsive Respiratory - Shoulder Carrying Case

  • Works well with M6/M7/homefill cylinders
  • Shoulder strap allows for veritcal or horizontal carrying positions
  • Ideal for daily use, makes life easier to get out and about
From $21.00

CareFusion AirLife - Sterile Water

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • pH range: 4.5 - 7.5
  • Size: 500 ml bottle
  • For inhalation therapy only
  • Medicinal ingredient: water 1g/ml
From $8.77

PARI PRONEB Max - LC Sprint Aerosol Delivery System (Compressor)

  • Designed for daily and heavy use
  • Dimensions 7.28" x 5.12" x 5.91" (L,W,H)
  • 23.2 PSI with a liter flow of 5.0 LPM
  • Includes two Pari reusable nebulizers (LC Sprint)
From $100.24

Posey - Trach Tube Foam Holder/Ties

  • Safely secures trach tubes in place
  • Soft foam padding with "double track" hook and loop closure
  • Works with oxygen cannulas and oxygen lines
From $2.29

Covidien Argyle - Suction Catheter Mini-Soft Kit (Chimney Valve - No Solution)

  • Sterile
  • Coil packed suction catheter with chimney valve
  • Pop up solution cup in sterile inner wrap
From $1.04

DeVilbiss Homecare - Canister Collection Kit

  • Each kit sold individually
  • Meets american association for respiratory care (AARC) guidelines
  • Includes filter cartridges, 800cc bottle, 4 3/8" tubing, and 6' tubing with cuffs
From $38.90

PARI Vios PRO - Replacement Tubing

  • Clinically proven reusable replacement tubing for Vios Pro
  • Easy to clean
  • Hand wash, boil, and dishwasher safe
  • Cost efficient replacement parts of the Pari Vios Pro
From $14.64

PARI Vios - Wing Tip Replacement Tubing

  • Clinically proven reusable replacement tubing for the Vios
  • Easy to clean
  • Hand wash, boil, and dishwasher safe
  • Cost efficient replacement parts of the Pari Vios Nebulizer system
From $6.55

Medline Vac-Assist - Suction Machine/Aspirator

  • Use for nasal tracheal suctioning
  • For intermittent suction use only
  • Heavy duty handle design, prevents breakage
  • Sturdy basket accommodates 800cc or 1200cc canister
  • Heavy duty vacuum regulator
  • Ultra quiet motor (58 decibel operation noise level)
  • Solid base, easy to clean, includes suction cup to keep unit stationary
  • AGIBF4053, hydrophobic filter
  • Unit weights 12.1 lbs
From $286.38

Medline Vac-Assist - Hydrophobic/Bacteria Suction Filter

  • Hydrophobic/bacteria filter
  • Prevents damage to the pump
  • Replacement part for MEDHCS7000
From $25.64

Medline Vac-Assist - Suction Machine/Aspirator Replacement Canister

  • Latex free
  • 850 cc Suction canister set with float style lid
  • Use with MEDHCS7000-Medline Vac-Assist Suction machine/aspirator
From $6.25

Covidien Argyle - 10 Fr Suction Catheter with Chimney Valve (Coil Packed)

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Coil packed
  • Chimney valve with large opening
  • Staggered and opposite eyelets
From $40.90

Covidien Argyle - 14 Fr Suction Catheter with Chimney Valve (Straight Packed)

  • Sterile
  • Latex free
  • Chimney valve
  • Straight packed catheter
  • Staggered and opposite eyelets
From $29.41

Responsive Respiratory - High Flow Ultra Soft Adult Cannula

  • Latex free
  • Curved nasal prongs for a natural fit
  • "Bolo style" slide for patient adjustment
  • 7' Six channel, star lumen tubing, less kinks
  • Ultra soft cannula with flex soft fit reduces irritation, adds comfort
From $5.82

Responsive Respiratory - Medical Oxygen Liter Meter

  • Easy to read
  • Compact, lightweight device
  • Use with all types of concentrators
  • Measures the amount of oxygen that is being dispensed from the medical equipment
From $17.57

Respiratory Medical Supplies

Respiratory therapy medical supplies include oxygen concentrators, nebulizers and nebulizer parts, tracheostomy supplies, and oxygen supplies. Express Medical Supply has a wide selection of medical supplies to treat respiratory conditions at home. Respiratory care products are tools that clear a congested airway or administer medication to those who cannot breathe independently. Conditions like asthma and COPD may require the use of respiratory devices like a nebulizer, which delivers medication in the form of a vapor. Aspirators, also known as suction machines, clear the airway of any fluid that can restrict breathing. Those with sleep apnea may use a CPAP device, which delivers a pressurized stream of oxygen so the airway doesn't collapse during inhalation. Express Medical Supply also carries the supplies you need to continually use your breathing equipment, such as filters and tubing.

Many people who have asthma use a device such as the DeVilbiss Nebulizer to help facilitate breathing. Liquid medicine goes into the nebulizer unit, which then turns the medication into a mist. The mist then flows through clear vinyl tubing and is inhaled by the patient. Our portable nebulizers are lightweight, making them easy to use both at home and during travel. We also carry handheld nebulizers that are small and ideal to use as a backup for your regular nebulizer.

To keep your nebulizer performing properly and extend its life, it should be cleaned regularly. Taking steps such as changing filters and cleaning reusable masks will help you get the most out of your machine. Although various components of the machine can be cleaned, the tubing should be disposed of periodically rather than washed and reused. Please see our blog for instructions on how to clean your nebulizer.

Many respiratory conditions can cause a build-up of fluid in the lungs and airway that is hard to expel. Being unable to clear your airway independently causes difficulty breathing. A suction machine, such as the Schuco Suction Pump, is used to remove fluids from the air passage. A suction machine creates negative pressure to draw fluids out of the airway and through tubing that connects to a collection canister. The machine also incorporates filters to contain bacteria within the collection bottle. It is important to regularly replace filters and clean the bottle after each use. Portable suction machines can make travel easier. They are also a great product to have in case of power outages since they can run on battery backups.

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