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Rusch Catheters: Common Questions

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Rusch or Teleflex?

Teleflex is a global provider of medical technologies. Rusch is a brand of catheters made and distributed by Teleflex. Sometimes you will see, "Rusch Teleflex" on the box of catheters, other times it will simply say, "Rusch". There is no difference in quality. Teleflex is a trusted manufacturer of medical supplies and Rusch is a quality brand of catheters that they distribute. Teleflex is home to other brands as well, like Hudson RCI for instance. Rusch makes a wide variety of catheters. They have traditional catheters like their Rusch Easy Cath line of intermittent catheters as well as Golden Drain external catheters, Rusch Gold foley catheters, and many others.

What is a Tiemann Coude Tip Catheter?

Rusch Tiemann Coude Tip and Funnel End Close Up Rusch Tiemann intermittent catheters are designed to be a consistent solution for catheterization that is difficult due to scar tissue, an enlarged prostate, or other urinary tract obstruction. Most of the time it is men who use/need a coude tip catheter however sometimes women will need them as well. Rusch Tiemann catheters not only have the traditional curved tip that is specific to coude tip, they also have a flexible tip and a slightly firmer shaft. This combination helps catheterization go more smoothly. The catheter tip needs to be inserted in the "up" position so there is a notch on the funnel to help you keep everything in the proper alignment. Each french size commonly listed as "FR" (french size determines catheter shaft diameter) has a color coded tip so you can see at a glance if you have the right size. Rusch Tiemann catheters are made of a siliconized PVC and are latex-free.  Rusch Closed System Catheter System

What is a Closed System Catheter Kit?

A closed system catheter kit is when the catheter is integrated inside of a collection bag. The catheter is sterile and pre-lubricated with a hydrophilic coating. The closed system is designed with an "introducer tip" which is a tip that is inserted into the urethra so when the catheter bypasses through the introducer tip the catheter avoids the first section of the urethra which has the highest level of bacteria. This helps drastically cut down on the number of bacteria that is carried from the catheter tip to the bladder. Closed system catheters are a great solution for anyone prone to urinary tract infections. The closed system is easy to use anywhere, just drain the collection bag and discard the system after use. Do not reuse. Closed system catheter kits are available with accessories (which include everything needed for a clean cath) or without.

What does Hydrophilic Coated mean?

Rusch FloCath - 16 Hydrophilic catheters are self-lubrictaed. A hydrophilic catheter has a special coating that is activated with sterile water and makes the surface of the catheter extraordinarily slick. The hydrophilic coating means it is unnecessary to use a lubricating jelly. The biggest benefit to using a hydrophilic coated catheter is they reduce the occurrences of small urethral tears or micro trauma. The surface of the catheter is smoother than using lube alone so there is less stress on your urethra. This helps cut down on UTIs as well. Rusch FloCath is a hydrophilic catheter that has a special grip sleeve to make insertion of the catheter easier, this is a great addition to hydrophilic catheters because they are so slippery.

Should I Reuse Intermittent Catheters?

Always use new sterile catheters

No. Intermittent catheters are designed to be used once and then discarded. I realize that this seems wasteful, trust me, it is not wasteful. When you clean and reuse a catheter it can appear clean to the naked eye while still harboring bacteria. The eyelets are especially prone to harboring hidden bacteria and even small amounts of tissue. A long time ago the medical community taught that catheters could be reused safely. This is no longer the standard and should be avoided. The medical community knows more about urinary tract infections and other issues contaminated catheters can cause. Every time you cath, you should use a brand new catheter.


*Note - Before changing your catheter care routine speak to your doctor or medical team to make sure your specific needs are met. Your doctor or nurse know what will work with your unique needs better than anyone. If you have questions or your current system is no longer working contact them so you can work together to solve the problems you are having.

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