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Skin Preps and Ostomy Care

How to Use Skin Prep with an Ostomy

No Sting Skin Prep by Cavilon Skin Preps are called several different names.  They are sometimes called barrier films, wipes, barrier wipes, barrier spray, etc.  All of these things are the same product: Skin Prep.  They are used to protect your skin from harsh adhesives, shear, and stomal output.  Over time the skin around your stoma can become irritated by the constant presence of the adhesives from your wafer.  If you have redness, sores, broken skin, irritated itchy patches, or anything other than healthy skin, skin preps could help your skin heal while also helping your ostomy appliance adhere better.  The best part of skin preps are, they serve two purposes.  They protect your skin and they help your ostomy pouch stay on better.

How to Apply Skin Prep in Ostomy Care Skin preps are easy to use.  After you wash your stoma and the skin around your stoma, allow your skin to dry completely.  The best soap to use is anything that is unscented and has no oils or moisturizers because they interfere with adhesives and will cause your ostomy pouch to not stick as well.  After your skin is totally dry, apply the skin prep in a thin and even layer around your stoma.  Make sure to cover the area the ostomy appliance will cover.  The skin prep is the first line of defense between your skin and any irritants.  Now, allow the skin prep to dry completely.  Whether you use a spray or a wipe is totally personal preference.  They both work great and help protect your skin, try both and see which one works best for you.  Now, proceed with the rest of your ostomy pouch routine.

Convatec Ostomy Supplies Skin PrepSkin prep is a great product that applies easily, moves with your body naturally, breathes to allow skin to heal, and removes easily with simple soap and water.  The skin prep also only requires one coat so you will use less of the product which helps offset the cost.  Another aspect that helps offset cost is, skin preps help your ostomy appliance to stick better which can help your pouch stay on longer.  That means you are going through less pouches overall.

A good solid seal between you and your ostomy appliance cuts down on leaks which also cuts down on skin damage.  Modern companies like Coloplast, Hollister, and Convatec all design and manufacture ostomy pouches and flanges that do not require extra accessories in order to work.  However, we don't live in an ideal world and not every person responds to adhesive in the same way.  What works for one person doesn't always work for everyone.  When you remove your ostomy wafer, what do you see?  If your skin is red or irritated, a skin prep could help your skin heal as well as protecting it from further damage.

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