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Tena (SCA) is a manufacturer of adult incontinence products with a line of disposable underpads, protective underwear, incontinence pads, and washcl ... [read more]

SCA TENA - 3-in-1 Cleansing Cream

  • Full body cleansing
  • 3-in-1, no rinse formula
  • Cleans, moisturizes, and soothes vulnerable skin
From $8.19

TENA Dry Washcloths

  • Multipurpose disposable wipes for the body and the house
  • Disposable wipes are gentle enough for use as personal wipes
  • Perfect for on the go
From $3.05

SCA TENA - Intimates Ultimate Pads

  • Super absorbent core locks in fluid
  • pH balanced OdaSorb Plus controls odor
  • Easily conforms to the body for less leakage
  • Adhesive strip holds incontinence product securely in place
  • Provides maximum overnight protection in adult incontinence products
From $28.81

TENA Air Flow - Disposable Bed Pads

  • Medium absorbency
  • Maximum air circulation
  • Use on low air loss therapy beds
  • Absorb leaks, reduce odor, and maintain dryness
From $16.43

TENA Classic Washcloth

  • Disposable wipes containing aloe and chamomile for gentle, effective personal hygiene
  • Alcohol free pre-moistened personal wipes
  • Ideal for perineal care and whole body cleansing
  • Easy, single handed dispensing
From $4.59

Tena Comfort Pant

  • Part of a 2 piece pad and pant system
  • Designed to securely hold incontinence pads in place
  • Designed for men and women
  • Breathable, lightweight, non-binding leg hem, and memory stretch fabric
  • Color coded for easy identification
From $5.05

SCA TENA Dry Comfort - Unisex Adult Pulls Ups

  • Curved elastic gathers with tear away sides
  • Super absorbent polymer locks away moisture
  • Soft, cloth like material has the look, feel, and comfort of regular underwear
From $14.37

TENA Extra - Disposable Bed Pads

  • SCA TENA adult incontinence products with extra absorbency
  • Disposable underpads are ideal for protecting furniture from wetness
  • Non woven top sheet and fluff pad are gentle against skin
From $4.82

SCA TENA For Men - Absorbent Protective Undergarment

  • Larger sizes
  • 40% More absorbent
  • Pulls on and off like underwear
From $24.68

SCA TENA For Men - Incontinence Pads

  • For light to moderate urinary incontinence
  • OdaSorb Plus, helps control odors
  • Stays in place with adhesive strip
  • Anatomical design
From $12.31

TENA For Women - Super Plus Heavy Underwear

  • Looks and feels similar to a regular undergarment
  • Advanced odor protection
  • Super absorbent technology with micro beads for advanced leakage protection
From $24.68

SCA TENA Overnight - Adult Protective Underwear

  • Diapers for adults with elastic crotch for a tighter fit
  • Breathable pant that has the look, feel, and comfort of regular underwear
  • Lie down protection with special leg gathers for ultimate night time fit
  • Dual barrier system makes laying down or getting up easier without leaks
  • Pull up design with "W" shape core
  • Conforms to the body for a closer fit, liquid flows away from the body
From $23.41

SCA TENA Plus - Adult Protective Underwear

  • Crotch elasticity for best fit
  • Lie down protection with dual barrier system
  • TENA protective incontinence underwear
  • Soft comfortable cloth like pant with the look and feel of real underwear
  • W shaped core helps conform to the body for a closer fit - channels liquids away from the body
From $19.02

TENA Regular - Disposable Bed Pads

  • Light absorbency for adult incontinence
  • Non woven top sheet and fluff pad for sensitive skin
  • Incontinence products to absorb leaks, reduce odor, and maintain dryness
From $4.40

SCA TENA Serenity - Overnight Pads

  • Moderate to heavy absorbency
  • Dry Fast Core locks in fluids quickly
  • Advanced odor protection to fight odors
  • Overnight protection, especially while lying down
  • Soft, cotton like top sheet wicks moisture away from skin
From $28.81

TENA Intimates Pads Moderate Regular - Incontinence Pads

  • Moderate bladder incontinence protection
  • Absorbent top-sheet draws wetness away from skin
  • Triple protection from leaks, odor, moisture
  • Cushiony side gathers that conform to your body for a comfortable fit
From $9.75

SCA TENA Stretch Plus - Adult Diapers with Tabs

  • Moderate to heavy bladder and/or bowel control
  • Adult diaper SCA TENA Polymer micro beads for fast absorption
  • Velcro wide hook system for easy changing and unlimited refastening abilities
  • Incontinence products where fluids are quickly wicked away for increased skin protection
From $28.81

SCA TENA Stretch Ultra - Adult Diapers with Tabs

  • Moderate to heavy absorbency
  • SCA TENA polymer micro beads
  • Velcro like tabs for easy changing
  • Fully breathable moisture proof lining
From $34.47

SCA TENA Super Brief - Adult Diapers with Tabs

  • OdaSorb Plus eliminates odor
  • Maximum absorbency for extended or overnight protection
  • Dry fast dual core keeps skin dry and prevents leaks
  • Velcro like tabs are adjustable for a better fit
  • Wetness indicator indicates when a change is needed
From $26.23

TENA Ultra - Disposable Bed Pads

  • Medium absorbency for adult incontinence
  • Super absorbent polymer, safe for sensitive skin
  • Disposable underpad that absorbs leaks, reduces odor, and maintains dryness
From $13.87

TENA Ultra Washcloth Scent Free

  • Ideal for use all over body, especially perineal areas
  • Thick and softly textured
  • Unfolded, alcohol free disposable washcloths
  • Gently cleans and moisturizes
From $7.16

SCA TENA Ultra Brief - Adult Diapers with Tabs

  • Moderate to heavy absorption
  • SCA TENA dry fast dual core for fast absorption
  • 4 Tabs for quick and easy changing and unlimited refastening abilities
  • Wetness indicator for leak protection
From $19.02

TENA Ultra Plus - Disposable Bed Pads

  • A versatile disposable underpad - ideal for a variety of adult incontinence needs
  • Bed size incontinence products that control odor, leakage, and keeps bedding dry
  • Non woven top sheet and polyethylene back sheet for sensitive skin
  • Contains super absorbent polymer for maximum absorbency
From $6.66

TENA UltraFlush Washcloth

  • Alcohol free
  • Made in the USA
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Over 99% biodegradable
  • Flushable wipe with mild scent
  • Sewer safe, will not clog pipes when used as directed
  • Gently cleanses and moisturizes, leaves skin feeling soft and clean
From $8.72

TENA - Day Plus Pads

  • Wetness indicator included
  • Oval shaped elastic
  • Dry fast core
  • Soft, non-woven backsheet
  • For moderate to heavy leaks
From $41.17

TENA - Day Regular Pads

  • Wetness indicator strip
  • Oval shaped elastic
  • Absorbent contoured core
  • For moderate leaks
From $38.60

TENA - Night Super Pads

  • Wetness indicator
  • Oval shaped elastic
  • Soft, non-woven backsheet
  • For heavy incontinence
From $30.87

Tena Complete - Adult Briefs

  • Provides moderate absorbency
  • Dual core design
  • Refastenable tab closure
  • Visible wetness indicator
From $13.15

Tena Protective Underwear Extra Absorbency

  • Moderate to heavy absorbency
  • Cloth-like material
  • ConfioAir breathability
  • Tear away sides for easy removal
From $20.56

Tena Complete +Care Briefs - Adult Diaper with Tabs

  • EzFasten Fastening System offers a secure and comfortable fit
  • BodyFit Technology with an elastic waist and inner leg cuffs
  • Two levels of absorbent core wick wetness away
  • Caregivers can use the wetness indicator to tell if the brief is soiled
From $19.02

TENA InstaDri Air - Disposable Bed Pad

  • 30" x 36" disposable incontinence underpad
  • Moisture lock helps control bacteria and odor
  • Nonwoven top sheet is durable to avoid tearing
  • Holds 10 cups of liquid without leaking
  • Breathable and medical air mattress friendly
From $15.40

Tena ProSkin - Maximum Absorbency Men's Adult Pull Up Diaper

  • Men's incontinence underwear
  • ConfioAir Breathable technology
  • Maximum urine absorbency
  • Comfortable leg elastics
From $19.53

TENA Underpad Premium

  • Super absorbent polymer core
  • Moisture proof lining
  • Quilted mat for comfort and stability
  • Waterproof backing
From $13.87

Tena ProSkin - Maximum Absorbency Women's Adult Pull Up Diaper

  • Incontinence underwear for women
  • Maximum urine absorbency
  • Attractive cream color for discreet wear
  • ConfioAir Breathable technology
  • Soft, curved leg elastics
From $19.53

TENA Overnight Super Protective Incontinence Underwear

  • Maximum absorbency pull ups
  • Natural feeling underwear
  • Body-Close fit conforms to body contours
  • ConfioAir fully breathable technology
From $22.62

Tena No Rinse Bathing Glove

  • Pre-moistened with no rinse body wash
  • No need for soap, water, or basins
  • Available lightly scented and scent free
  • 5 gloves per package
  • Case has 45 packages, 225 bathing gloves total
From $2.77

Tena (SCA) is a manufacturer of adult incontinence products with a line of disposable underpads, protective underwear, incontinence pads, and washcloths. Tena protective underwear come in styles specifically designed for men and women, all of which protect against leaks while maintaining a discreet and comfortable fit. For those who don't need full Tena briefs, Tena incontinence pads adhere to traditional underwear and do not have any material that goes around the legs or waist.

Tena underpads are designed to absorb leaks, reduce odors, and maintain dryness. Tena underpads are available in different absorbancies, including Tena Regular, Tena Extra, Tena Ultra, and Ultra Plus. These disposable incontinence pads can be used on beds, chairs, or any surface that needs to be protected from leakage.

Tena Serenity is a brand of bladder pads that are highly absorbent with a thin design and feel. These Serenity pads can handle light to heavy leakage and have an hourglass shape to conform to the body. The Dry Fast Core quickly absorbs liquids and protects against leakage, even overnight. This also helps to keep moisture away from the skin for comfort. Serenity incontinence products are pH balanced to help eliminate odor. The pads have an adhesive strip to keep them in place and elastic sides for a proper fit. Tena Serenity ultimate pads are individually wrapped, making them easy to take on the go.

This manufacturer also makes skin cleansing products like no rinse bathing wipes. Tena flushable washcloths are wet wipes for adults that cleanse and moisturize the skin. Tena dry wipes are also available to quickly absorb liquid and keep the skin in healthy condition. If you prefer a cream cleanser, Tena has a no-rinse product that feels like lotion and is ideal for everyday use.

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