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What are Coban & Coflex Compression Bandages?

3M Coban Compression Wrap or Andover Coflex Cohesive Bandage?

What is a Compression Bandage Self Adherent Wrap?

3M Coban Self-Adherent Compression Bandage Wrap A compression bandage wrap that is self adhering means the bandage sticks to itself. You will also see these types of compression wrap bandages called "cohesive bandages". So a cohesive bandage IS self adherent and when you wrap the bandage around, it will stick to itself without any fasteners or clips making Coban and CoFlex easy to use. 3M Coban and Andover CoFlex are both examples of brands of cohesive bandage wraps and they are available in different widths and colors. Another important quality to Coban and CoFlex is that the bandage wrap does not stick to other things, it won't leave any kind of adhesive behind so there is no sticky mess when you unwrap it. It is convenient to use a cohesive bandage because it is a sticky bandage that sticks to itself and nothing else. It doesn't feel sticky when you touch it, it isn't like tape or glue so it is comfortable to wear. One of the things that makes these bandages so versatile is that they are available in many different widths and colors. You can get them in 1", 2", 3", and 4" widths on 5 yard rolls. These bandage wraps can go from a tiny finger or toe all the way to a rib cage. The easy tear styles can even be finger torn in half to turn a 2" piece of Coban into a 1". If you have a latex allergy you can still use compression bandages, just check the label and make sure you are getting the wraps that are labeled latex-free.

What is the Difference Between Andover CoFlex and 3M Coban?

Andover CoFlex Self-adhesive Compression Bandage Wrap The biggest difference between Coban and CoFlex is variety. 3M Coban is available in many colors such as yellow, red, blue, tan, green, and various neon shades but some of the sizes are only available in limited colors. Andover CoFlex is available in all of those colors as well but  it is also available in patterns. The patterns are adorable and kids (as well as a lot of adults) love them. Andover CoFlex has a lot of color and pattern choices, even camouflage! Personally, the dinosaur and bumble bee patterns are favorites of mine.

What are Coban and CoFlex used for?

  • Compression bandage to stop bleeding
  • Holding bandages in place
  • Support wrap for athletics
  • Affix monitors
  • Hold IV's in place
  • Pressure bandage to promote circulation and healing
  • Leg ulcer wrap as an over-wrap for an Unnaboot

3M Coban & Andover CoFlex Compression Wrap Sticks to Itself

Can You Use 3M Coban and Andover CoFlex on Pets?

Yes! 3M Coban and Andover CoFlex are perfect for pets! Coban and CoFlex are both self adhering. Both of the brands make wraps that don't stick to skin, fur, or anything but the bandage. The wrap will hold bandages in place for you or for your furry friend. No adhesive is great news for our furry pets because it means that the cohesive bandage will stay in place but won't stick to fur. You can safely wrap your pets with Coban and CoFlex and be confident that the bandage wrap won't stick to their fur or their wound. It is nice to be able to hold a bandage in place on your dog or cat and not have to worry about painful adhesive removal!

Are All Compression Wrap Bandages Self-Tearing?

No, some styles of compression cohesive bandage wraps need to be cut with scissors. If you want to get the kind of sticky bandage wrap that is self-tearing make sure you read the description provided. Self-tearing can also be called, "finger tear" or "easy tear". Andover CoFlex describes their self tearing bandages as "EasyTear". When I first used a self tearing CoFlex compression bandage I didn't expect it to really be self tearing. I fully expected it to be difficult to tear and I made sure I had scissors with me but I can honestly say, I didn't need scissors. When it comes to Coban and CoFlex, self tearing is actually true. Basically, the 3M Coban, the Andover CoFlex Med, and the Andover NL (Latex-Free) is self tearing and the Andover CoFlexis the one that requires scissors.

Types of Andover CoFlex:

Are Compression Bandages like Coban and CoFlex Self-Tearing?

Types of 3M Coban

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