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What are Texas Style Catheters?

What are Texas Style Condom Catheters?


What are Texas Style Condom Catheters?

Covidien Dover Texas Style Male External Condom Catheter'


Texas style catheters are constructed of three pieces. The latex sheath is worn over the head and shaft of the penis and  feels more like a condom because it is thinner than the silicone external condom catheters. The latex sheath is connected to rigid white silicone tubing, this is where the urine is drained and it is connected to a catheter insert. These three pieces make up the Texas style catheter: sheath, white silicone tubing, and catheter insert. Texas style catheters are made of natural rubber latex and should not be used by anyone with a latex allergy.




How do Texas Style Catheters Work?

Texas Style Condom Catheters Feature: fully collapsible latex sheath, three-piece construction, natural rubber latex, condom sheath, catheter insert, white silicone tubing

Texas style catheters work much the same way that regular external condom catheters work, they are worn to help solve issues of incontinence. For many men, incontinence becomes an issue and instead of wearing adult diapers or briefs they choose to use external condom catheters. Texas style catheters and external condom catheters are both worn on the penis to facilitate the drainage of urine. The Texas catheter or condom catheter is connected to drainage tubing and the tubing is connected to a urinary leg bag or an overnight drainage bag. Texas catheters and external condom catheters do not help with urine retention, they will not help drain urine from the bladder. If you are unable to naturally pass urine, condom catheters will not work for you. Urocare makes Texas style condom catheters and they have a guide that can help you use them effectively, "Five Effective Methods for Securing Male External Catheters".


What is the Difference Between a Texas Catheter and a Molded External Condom Catheter?


External Condom Catheters Feature: variety of style, adhesive level, silicone construction and one-piece molded catheter construction

The difference between the Texas style catheter and the molded external condom catheter is the structure. The Texas style catheter has a semi-rigid tube that is connected to the condom sheath. This tube easily connects to the drainage tubing of the urinary leg bag. The other difference between the two is the sheath itself, the Texas style sheath is more like a traditional condom making it more flexible which can be more comfortable. It is a latex sheath that is “fully collapsible” and this helps to prevent pooled urine which is a major cause of skin irritation and break-down. Molded external condom catheters are made using a one piece construction so the sheath and the nozzle are one unit and can not be adjusted. If you are using a Texas style condom catheter you can adjust the length of the white silicone tubing that is at the end of the sheath. The Texas style condom catheter does not come with adhesive inside the sheath. In order for the condom sheath to stay in place you will need to use a liquid medical adhesive like Uro-Bond from Urocare or a catheter fastener. You can also find Texas style condom catheters that are sold in a kit so you get the condom catheter and the foam adhesive strips in one convenient package. Most of the molded external catheters are available with adhesive inside the sheath portion of the condom catheter. The Texas style catheter is an easier choice if you struggle with hand dexterity. If you have limited hand movement, a Texas style catheter is easier to attach to the extension tubing which will make the external catheter easier to use. However, it is a matter of personal preference if you use a Texas style catheter or an external condom catheter since both will work.
Urocare Uro-Con Texas-Style Male External Condom Catheter with 2

There are many different external condom catheters and they all are used to help with incontinence. It can be helpful to try a variety of condom catheters before settling on a specific one. Many online medical supply companies sell condom catheters in "eaches" which means you can purchase one or two of various sizes to make sure you have the proper fit before buying an entire case.  Size and style varies between the different kinds of condom catheters and each person is unique. It will take time before you can use them successfully so you should be patient with yourself. There are guides that explain how to use external condom catheters. Talk to your medical care team and explain your needs so they can help you transition smoothly to using external condom catheters whether they are molded or the Texas style.

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