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What is a ROHO Air Mattress Overlay?

What is a ROHO Mattress Overlay Air Cushion? Banner

What is a Mattress Overlay?

A mattress overlay is a device that is put on top of a regular mattress or hospital mattress. Mattress overlays are available in many different styles and they can be foam, gel, or air cushions. They are often called mattress toppers or bed toppers. Honestly, it wouldn't be a medical device if it wasn't known by at least two or three names! Mattress overlays increase comfort for people who are recuperating from surgery or need to be in bed for long periods of time. If you are in bed and unable to move freely it is common to develop a pressure ulcer or pressure sore. Mattress overlays increase circulation and they also help to eliminate areas of pressure so the person using the mattress overlay will be more comfortable and have healthier skin.

ROHO PRODIGY Mattress System - Inflatable Mattress Overlay Air Cushion

What is a Pressure Ulcer?

Pressure ulcers or pressure sores are when your skin is damaged in specific areas from being in one position for too long. Pressure sores can happen anywhere on the body. However, they are more common to happen where the bone is close to the surface of the skin. Areas with bone close to the skin are your ankles, certain areas of the back, tailbone, hip joints, elbows, even the back of your heels. In fact, pressure sores are so common on the backs of heels and elbows that ROHO created a special cushion just for protecting heels from pressure injury. If you spend long periods of time in bed, in a wheelchair, or you are unable to move and/or shift your body, you are at risk of developing a pressure sore.
Pressure sores/ulcers take a long time to heal because people who are most at risk of developing a pressure sore generally have problems with circulation which makes healing harder as well. If you or the person you are caring for is immobile, skin checks should be done often and thoroughly. Always make sure you check those at risk areas for signs of redness. Areas of pressure should be eliminated as much as possible. If the area is red you should make sure that area is moved into a new position. When it comes to pressure ulcers, do not hesitate to contact your medical team. Pressure ulcers are a serious condition and they definitely require care. Pressure sores do not take long to develop and they can worsen quickly, if you are concerned that you might be at risk for pressure sores, you should contact your medical team to make sure you fully understand how to prevent pressure sores and how to recognize the early stages of development.

Pressure Injuries Should Always Be Seen by Your Nurse or Your DoctorTips for Preventing Pressure Ulcers

  • Skin should be clean and dry, wet or moist skin becomes more fragile
  • Position changes should happen every two hours
  • Skin checks should be done through out the day
  • Using a ROHO wheelchair air cushion while sitting
  • Using a ROHO mattress overlay while in bed


What is a ROHO Mattress Overlay?


ROHO SOFFLEX 2 - Mattress Overlay ROHO mattress overlays use an air floatation technology that redistributes body weight and pressure to help with effective skin protection. The ROHO mattress overlay is made from a system of interconnected air-filled cells that conform to your body's individual shape and size which provides a total contact environment - every section of your body is immersed into the cushion so pressure does not build up at at-risk points of your skin. They can be used by people who are completely immobile or who have limited mobility. ROHO mattress overlays create an environment of protection, but they also create an environment for healing pressure sores that you already have. The interconnected cells are soft and flexible. ROHO mattress toppers have the ability to feel custom made without the custom made price tag. Every cell of the mattress overlay is specially designed to minimize friction, pressure, and shear.

3 Styles of ROHO Mattress Overlays:


ROHO DRY FLOATATION - Mattress Overlay SystemROHO PRODIGY Mattress System - Inflatable Mattress Overlay Air Cushion

  • If you are at risk for developing pressure ulcers and/or tissue injury
  • Comfortable and helps with managing pain
  • Personalized fit in a lightweight mattress overlay
  • Intended for surgery or illness recovery as well as mobility issues

ROHO DRY FLOATATION - Mattress Overlay System

  • 720 interconnected air cells allow for greater body conformity
  • Can be used with deep tissue injuries
  • Four sections means each individual section can be adjusted to perfectly fit the person using the overlay
  • Non-powered and requires no power source to operate
  • Fits regular size beds and/or hospital beds

ROHO SOFFLEX 2 - Mattress Overlay

  • A mattress overlay that provides the comfort of an individualized fit to help in pain management
  • For people who are at risk for developing a pressure ulcer, tissue injury or skin/soft tissue breakdown
  • Can be used by those who currently have any stage of pressure ulcer, skin graft, or recent myocutaneous surgery
  • Non-powered and able to fit most mattresses, even hospital beds

All of the ROHO mattress overlays feature "air floatation technology" which means they redistribute forces that can cause shear and friction as well as peak pressure. ROHO is a manufacturer that creates products that are thoughtfully designed to prevent and treat pressure injuries. All of the ROHO mattress overlays are an effective way to help protect skin/soft tissue. You will also find this same air floatation technology in the ROHO Quatro Select dual valve wheelchair air cushion.



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