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Convatec GentleCath - Experience the Difference!


Convatec GentleCath Catheters

Intermittent catheterizationIntermittent catheterizationmeans you use a hollow plastic tube called a catheter to drain your urine.  After the urine is fully drained, the catheter is removed and then discarded.  All intermittent catheters are classified as a one time use medical item, they are not designed to be reused.  There are other types of catheters like Foley indwelling catheters and condom catheters, your doctor will let you know which type works best for you.The catheter is inserted into the urethra and then travels through the urethra and into the bladder, the urine then drains through the catheter.  Catheterization is done when the bladder is full, if you are unable to pass urine on your own, or if you need help completely draining your bladder.  When you insert the Intermittent Catheter, you want to avoid trauma to your urethra.  Urethra trauma can not only be painful, it can lead to more instances of UTI or urinary tract infections.  If you have any questions on how to use your catheter properly, you should always call your doctor, your personal medical team is the best source of information for you. 

Not all catheters are made the same and with Convatec's GentleCath there is a difference you can feel.  The smooth, rounded tip helps to ease insertion which lowers the risk of trauma.  The polished and rounded eyelets minimize friction and are specially designed for a more gentle experience.  GentleCath is available in a variety of styles and they are all designed to make insertion and removal as easy as possible.  GentleCath uses color coded connectors which makes FR size identification simple and easy, you will know right away if you have the correct size.
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