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  • Low-friction hydrophilic surface for easy and comfortable cathing
  • Smooth and slippery design to enhance the cathing experience
  • Made without DEHP, latex, or PVP for a safe and gentle option
  • No-touch handling sleeve to minimize the risk of infection
  • Convenient 8-inch length for comfort and ease of use
  • FeelClean technology reduces mess and residue
  • No need for lubricating jelly tubes or packets
  • Each box contains 30 GentleCath Glide Female Catheters, product can also be purchased by the each

Convatec GentleCath Glide 8" Female Catheter

Brand: GentleCath

From: $1.85


    Convatec GentleCath Glide 8" Female Catheter

    The GentleCath Glide Female Catheter is a popular low-friction hydrophilic catheter option for women, designed based on feedback from real catheter-users. The female length GentleCath Glide hydrophilic catheter is a great option for discretion and efficiency in their cathing experience. The GentleCath Glide is made without DEHP or latex. Plus, unlike most standard hydrophilic catheters, the Gentle Glide female catheter is made without PVP, which is a type of glue. It's the reason most catheters can get sticky if they dry out. The Glide never gets sticky, thanks to its embedded hydrophilic technology.

    Concerned about frequent UTIs? The Gentle Glide catheter in female length has a no-touch handling sleeve to minimize the risk of infection. Simply pop the included water sachet to activate the low friction hydrophilic surface, and the Glide is ready for you. No waiting or delays!

    Convatec GentleCath is 8" inches long for comfort and ease of use.

    How does GentleCath Glide help make cathing easier?

    The GentleCath Glide features a smooth, slippery surface and a low friction hydrophilic catheter, designed to make cathing easier and more comfortable.

    GentleCath has less mess and residue compared to traditional catheters that require you to use lubricating jelly tubes or packets.

    FeelClean technology: The catheter is made with our unique technology designed to reduce the residuals and mess left behind by cathing, so you can worry less about getting residue on your clothes, hands, and body.

    Catheter contamination prevention: The GentleCath Glide has a no-touch handling sleeve to help prevent contamination of the catheter with bacteria from the hands.

    The GentleCath Glide catheter is made without the use of DEHP and is latex-free.

    How to Use GentleCath Glide Female Catheters

    What You Need:

    Before you begin, gather the following:

    • Brand new GentleCath Glide Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter
    • Washcloth or antiseptic wipe
    • Also, review the cautions, precautions, and observations in the instructions for use provided with the product


    1. Ensure the water sachet is near the funnel end. Break the sterile water sachet by pressing the bright blue dot or folding the pack along the dotted line marked on the water sachet. Then let the water run down to the tip end of the pack. The catheter should now be used within 1–2 minutes.

    2. Once the water sachet is broken, open the pack by peeling the tabs apart at the bright blue end.

    3. Remove the catheter using the blue handling sleeve. You can re-hang the empty pack with the sticky dot.

    4. With one hand, spread the labia (the tissue on either side of the urethra) apart and lift it gently upwards. The urethra opening should now be visible.

    5. With the other hand, hold the catheter using the blue handling sleeve and slowly push the catheter into the urethra until the urine starts to flow. Make sure the funnel end is pointing into a container.

    6. When urine starts to flow, push the catheter in a little (1–2 cms/half an inch) to make sure it is fully in the bladder.

    7. Once urine stops flowing, slowly remove the catheter. Stop if more urine starts to flow, until no more comes through.

    8. If using a drainage bag, detach it from the catheter, then empty and discard it. Discard the catheter and pack, then wash your hands.

    Please note that these instructions are a general guide. Always refer to the specific instructions provided with the GentleCath Glide Female Catheters for detailed and accurate usage information.


      Products specifications
      Attribute nameAttribute value
      Size12 Fr, 14 Fr, and 16 Fr
      QuantityEach, box of 30
      MaterialsLatex free
      Products specifications
      Attribute nameAttribute value
      Size12 Fr, 14 Fr, and 16 Fr
      QuantityEach, box of 30
      MaterialsLatex free
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