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The New Spirit Hydrocolloid Adhesive Sheath External Catheter


Spirit External Catheter

Meet the newest addition to the external catheter family. The SpiritTM external catheter with Hydrocolloid Adhesive Sheath.


What makes this external catheter different?

The SpiritTM catheter is the first and only self-adhering catheter to combine the skin protection of a hydrocolloid with the breathability of silicone. This unique combination gives users peace of mind, promotes skin integrity and provides a secure, leak free fit.


What is a hydrocolloid?

Hydrocolloids have been widely used in the wound care industry. By definition, hydrocolloid simply means a substance that forms a gel with water. It sounds simple, but when added to the adhesive on a catheter, it can make a big difference. Hydrocolloids give the SpiritTM catheter the ability to maintain maximum adhesion while absorbing excess moisture from the skin. Rochester added a hydrocolloid to their new SpiritTM catheters and created the next generation of male external catheters.


What are the benefits of a hydrocolloid adhesive?

When a hydrocolloid is added to the adhesive, it has the ability to wick moisture away from the skin. The hydrocolloid transports moisture to the surface of the silicone sheath where it can evaporate which leaves the skin under the catheter moisture-free, protected and comfortable.


Other features of the SpiritTM Hydrocolloid Adhesive Sheath catheter:

  • All Silicone construction - No latex-asscociated allergic reactions or odors while providing superior breathability.
  • Self-Adhering - No need for additional tapes or straps
  • Kink-Resistant Design - ensures a continuous flow
  • Transparent - provides continuous skin monitoring


The SpiritTM Hydrocolloid Adhesive Sheath catheter comes is 3 different styles: Style 1, Style 2, and Style 3 (see pictures below). 

New Spirit External Catheters at Express Medical Supply


Each style is available in 5 different sizes: Small (25mm), Medium (29mm), Intermediate (32mm), Large (36mm) and X-Large (41mm). The variety of design configurations and sizes ensures men, including those who were previously hard to fit, will find an option that fits well and stays securely in place.







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