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ConvaTec Allkare

Convatec Allkare is a brand of Skin Prep products that remove adhesive from the skin and enhance the wear of your ostomy supplies. The Allkare protect ... [read more]

ConvaTec AllKare - Adhesive Remover Wipes

  • Adhesive remover that soothes the skin
  • Convenient and disposable
  • Ostomy supplies that gently remove adhesives
From $12.64

ConvaTec AllKare - Protective Barrier Wipes

  • Skin prep pads that are cool and soothe the skin
  • Protects against irritation and adhesive build up
  • Convenient and disposable
From $10.10

Convatec Allkare is a brand of Skin Prep products that remove adhesive from the skin and enhance the wear of your ostomy supplies. The Allkare protective barrier wipes create a film on the skin to help medical supplies adhere to the skin better. Barrier wipes are often used before applying medical tape, hydrocolloid dressings, and ostomy supplies. Convatec adhesive remover wipes break down the sticky build-up that can occur from frequent use of tape or medical appliances. Leaving adhesive residue on the skin can prevent tape and wafers from sticking to the skin and lasting a long period of time. Both of these products will protect your skin from irritation, while still allowing it to breathe.

Stoma Care Products, such as paste and powder, create a barrier to help keep the skin around your ostomy healthy and comfortable. The skin around the stoma can be irregular, making it difficult for your appliance to attach to your body. Ostomy paste acts as a caulk to help fill in any crevices and create a smooth, even surface. It also protects the skin from stomal output, which can cause irritation. Stoma powder is strictly designed to absorb excess moisture from raw or irritated skin. This helps the skin heal and also creates a better bond between your body and your ostomy appliance.

Stomal output and leakage are common causes of skin irritation. Using a Stoma Seal helps prevent leaks by providing a waterproof barrier around your stoma. The stretchy material puffs up when it comes into contact with output and protects the surrounding skin. Ostomy seals are available in a pre-cut format or a solid patch that you cut to fit the unique shape and size of your stoma. A barrier ring extends the wear time of your pouch and is a mess-free alternative to ostomy paste. Skin barrier seals are compatible with many ostomy pouches.

After prepping the skin, a Medical Adhesive is applied to help attach your ostomy system to your body. The ostomy pouch and wafer require adhesive to keep them in place and provide a good fit. A strong seal will also prevent stomal output from coming in contact with your skin, which can cause irritation. Using an adhesive allows you to wear your pouch for a longer period of time, giving you the most value. We carry many different types of adhesives, including no-sting formulas, latex-free formulas, wipes, and liquids.

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