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What is Duoderm? Duoderm is a line of hydrocolloid wound dressings made by Convatec. They are typically used on low to moderately exuding wounds ... [read more]

DuoDerm CGF - Square Hydrocolloid Dressing

  • Non-adhesive wound dressing
  • Sterile wound dressing
  • Retains moisture for quick healing
  • Protects against external contamination
From $42.95

DuoDerm Extra Thin - Square Hydrocolloid Dressing

  • Waterproof barrier
  • Removes easily
  • Primary dressing with an adhesive border
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Works well on hard to reach areas
From $58.95

DuoDerm Signal - Square Hydrocolloid Dressing with Border

  • For light to moderate exuding wounds
  • Border tapers to help prevent roll-ups
  • Low friction backing minimizes dressing catches and shears
  • Flexible and conformable wound dressing with visual change indicator
From $37.45

DuoDerm - Hydroactive Gel

  • Sterile
  • Single use tube
  • Ideal for wound cleansing and natural healing
  • Wound gel provides an excellent environment for exuding wounds and ulcers
From $9.45

DuoDerm Signal - Oval Hydrocolloid Dressing with Border

  • Dressing is flexible and can be molded into place
  • Creates a moist environment to help heal wounds faster
  • Tapered adhesive border that prevents the dressing from rolling or bunching
  • Transparent dressing with change indicator
From $49.45

DuoDerm Signal - Hydrocolloid Sacral Dressing with Border

  • Protects the sacral region and heals pressure wounds
  • Border tapers to prevent roll up
  • Flexible dressing with a visual change indicator
From $121.45

DuoDerm Signal - Hydrocolloid Heel Dressing with Border

  • Waterproof
  • For light to moderately exuding wounds
  • Adhesive tapered border that prevents the dressing from rolling up
  • Visual change indicator
From $118.95

DuoDerm Extra Thin - Oval Hydrocolloid Dressing

  • Waterproof
  • Removes easily without damaging the wound
  • Outer film helps keep wound moist
From $34.95

DuoDerm CGF - Square Hydrocolloid Dressing with Border

  • Adhesive wound dressing
  • Dressing create a gel like consistency when exudate is absorbed
  • Helps wounds heal quickly
  • Waterproof
From $33.45

DuoDerm CGF - Triangular Hydrocolloid Dressing with Border

  • Removes easily and does not damage skin
  • Available sizes are 4" x 5" and 6" x 7"
  • Primary dressing with an adhesive border
  • Protects from bacteria and external contamination
  • Triangle shaped bandage for hard to dress areas
From $68.95

DuoDerm Signal - Triangle Hydrocolloid Dressing with Border

  • Waterproof
  • Change indicator line
  • Adhesive border tapers to prevent roll up
  • Primary dressing that can secure Aquacel dressings
From $52.45

DuoDerm CGF - Rectangular Hydrocolloid Dressing

  • Border free, no adhesive
  • Sterile and latex free
  • Hydrocolloid formulation
  • Protects from bacteria and external contamination
From $117.95

What is Duoderm?

Duoderm is a line of hydrocolloid wound dressings made by Convatec. They are typically used on low to moderately exuding wounds that are not infected. Duoderm dressings are available with or without an adhesive border.

What is Duoderm gel used for?

Duoderm hydroactive gel is meant to be used on dry wounds to keep them hydrated. This product supports autolytic debridement, meaning that it removes dead tissue to help the wound heal.

How does Duoderm work?

Duoderm dressings work by absorbing excess wound exudate and creating a gel. The gel is held within the pad of the dressing, which prevents skin maceration. Duoderm helps maintain a moist wound environment to facilitate healing.

Additional Information

A Duoderm hydrocolloid dressing forms a gel when it comes into contact with a moist wound, creating an optimal healing environment. It also keeps nerve endings moist, which helps relieve pain. Hydrocolloid dressings have an outer film that acts as a waterproof barrier to shield the wound from outside contaminants. Below the waterproof film is a foam layer that protects and cushions the wound. Hydrocolloid bandages are ideal for use on light to moderately exuding wounds. Duoderm offers hydrocolloid dressings in a wide variety of shapes to conform to areas like heels and the sacral area. A Duoderm bandage can be worn for up to seven days unless there is leakage from outside the bandage or you experience discomfort. Duoderm dressings are designed not to adhere to the wound bed, which allows for painless removal.

Duoderm CGF stands for control gel formula, which slowly creates a gelling action when combined with wound exudate. This adherent dressing is ideal for use on partial and full thickness wounds, dermal ulcers, pressure ulcers, and burns. Duoderm CGF dressings are flexible and can be gently molded into place. They keep nerve endings moist, which helps reduce and prevent pain. Duoderm CGF dressings can be worn for up to seven days. If the dressing starts pulling away from the skin or if you see exudate coming through the dressing, it will need to be changed.

Duoderm Extra Thin is a flexible hydrocolloid dressing made from a clear polyurethane film. This material is waterproof and blocks out bacteria and viruses. Because the dressing is transparent, you can view the condition of the wound without removing the bandage. Duoderm Extra Thin bandages are meant to be used on dry or lightly exuding wounds, and are perfect for hard-to-dress areas of the body. They reduce friction, which helps prevent further skin breakdown. Duoderm Extra Thin can be used as a primary or secondary dressing.

Duoderm Signal visually indicates when the dressing needs to be changed. It has a dotted line along the edge of the dressing. When you can see exudate near the line, it is time to change the wound dressing. This prevents you from pre-maturely changing the bandage. The edges of Duoderm Signal dressings are tapered, which prevents the bandage from peeling away from the skin. One other great feature of Duoderm Signal is that the adhesive border does not stick to itself. If the edges of the dressing come into contact with one another, it is very easy to pull them apart. This prevents the dressing from "tenting". The material is thin and flexible, and the dressings are available in various shapes and sizes to fit different parts of the body.

In addition to hydrocolloid dressings, Duoderm also offers hydrogels and pastes. Hydrogels have a similar viscosity to ointments. They are designed to hydrate dry wounds and prevent moisture loss. Duoderm hydroactive gel is sterile, clear, and does not contain preservatives. Hydrogel also facilitates autolytic debridement, which means that it uses the body's enzymes to soften hard or dead tissue. It is specially formulated not to damage any newly formed tissue. Hydrogel is ideal for use on partial and full-thickness wounds such as pressure sores and ulcers. You may need to use a secondary dressing to cover the hydrogel depending on your specific wound needs and your doctor's recommendations.

Duoderm offers dressings with and without an adhesive border. If you use wound dressings that don't have an adhesive border, medical tape can be used to help secure the dressing and keep it in the proper place. This wound tape can be removed without causing damage to the skin. It is designed to be breathable while still maintaining a strong hold. Express Medical Supply carries several varieties, including medical paper tape, cloth tape, and waterproof medical tape. Each type of tape has its own benefits. For example, paper tape is breathable and easy to tear so it is great for holding bandages and dressings in place. Cloth tape is durable and flexible, making it ideal for securing splints. Waterproof medical tape repels water, provides a strong hold, and is the most flexible. This type of tape is perfect for curved surfaces like fingers and joints.

If you have an adhesive allergy or very fragile skin, a gauze wrap can be used in place of medical tape. The fabric material is flexible, making it ideal for wrapping around areas like the elbow or knee. A gauze roll also helps cushion cuts and burns. Gauze can be wrapped tighter or looser, so it provides controlled compression when needed. Express Medical Supply stocks both sterile and non-sterile gauze bandages, as well as gauze rolls.

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