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Why Bard Spirit Hydrocolloid Adhesive Matters

Why Bard Medical Hydrocolloid Condom Catheter Adhesive Matters

Rochester to Bard Medical:

Bard Medical Buys Rochester Catheters

Bard Medical is known for innovative Foley catheter products like their Statlock Stabilization Devices and now they have teamed up with Rochester. Bard Medical and Rochester are now one and the same. Over the last few months you may have noticed some products that used to say Rochester now are labeled as Bard. The good news is, only the name has changed. Bard has stated that they will still be making the Rochester catheters and products just like they were made before. So if you are looking for a Rochester product and you can't locate it, try searching for it with the name Bard Medical instead.

Bard external condom catheters are designed with excellent materials that are meant to stop leaks, accidental detachment, and keep skin healthy. Skin that is exposed to moisture and urine can suffer from skin maceration and skin break down which can lead to pressure sores. The hydrocolloid adhesive in the Spirit line of Bard external catheters helps combat these issues.

What is Skin Maceration?

Maceration is when your skin begins to soften because the skin has prolonged exposure to moisture. This exposure not only softens the skin, it begins to break down the skin as well. This break down will cause the external condom catheter to not adhere to the skin. Healthy, dry, intact skin works best with condom catheters. By using a hydrocolloid adhesive like the adhesive found in Bard Spirit condom catheters, your skin will have less risk of skin break down.

Why Hydrocolloid Adhesive?

How Bard Rochester Spirit Hydrocolloid Adhesive Works

Standard adhesive has a limited ability to wick moisture away from the skin. This causes moisture to be trapped. By using a hydrocolloid adhesive and pure silicone, Spirit external condom catheters are able to wick moisture away from the skin. This breathablity helps promote skin integrity but it also minimizes the risk of leaks. Spirit catheters use this improved technology to improve the over-all experience of wearing condom catheters.

Bard Spirit is available in a variety of styles, each style is designed to meet different needs:

Styles of Bard Rochester Spirit Condom Catheters for Make Incontinence
Style 1 - Ultra-flex
Sheath length = 3"
Width of Adhesive = 1.75"
Style 1 is what many would consider a traditional external catheter because of the length of the sheath and the placement of the adhesive. However, the hydrocolloid adhesive increases breathability which sets it apart from traditional sheaths.

Style 2 - POP ON
Sheath length = 1.5"
Width of Adhesive = 1.75"
Style 2 has a shorter sheath with what is known as a "forward adhesive" which means the adhesive starts before the sheath starts. The adhesive begins almost immediately because this helps the external catheter stay in place and avoid accidental detachment. The shorter sheath length works best if you have a shorter or retracted penis.

Style 3 - Wide Band
Sheath length = 3"
Width of Adhesive = 3"
Style 3 has the same forward adhesive as Style 2 but it has a wider width of adhesive to further help unintended detachment of the condom catheter. Style 3 has the most adhesive of all the Bard Spirit catheters.

Every style of Bard Spirithas the hydrocolloid adhesive and a soft silicone conforming sheath. To make sure you are getting the best possible experience with Bard Spirit make sure the skin of the penis is clean and very dry before you put on the external catheter. Don't unroll the condom until the glans penis is in place, then you slowly unroll the sheath smoothing it out as you move up the length of the penis. If there are a lot of wrinkles in the sheath it can be a sign that you need a smaller size. Once the sheath is in place, gently squeeze around the condom catheter to make sure it fully adheres to your skin. As always, if your medical plan isn't working always talk to your nurse or doctor to find the best possible solution. Your medical team knows your specific needs and that can make all the difference.

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